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Lapidus on Dulcimer 2: Instruction Book
  • Lapidus on Dulcimer 2: Instruction Book
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LAPIDUS ON DULCIMER 2 provides a comprehensive step by step guide to learning the dulcimer for the absolute beginner to the most advanced player. Featuring all 7 traditional modal tunings, wild and crazy tunings and 3 jazz tunings, over 40 complete songs including traditional Appalachian tunes as well as contemporary tunes. The book contains the dulcimer tablature for all 4 Joni Mitchell dulcimer tunes, 2 Richard Farina tunes, tunes by Bob Dylan, Wendy Waldman, Laura Allan and the authors own originals. If you love rhythm, this book will teach you beginning and advanced rhythms, fancy stuff like hammering-on, pulling off, lifts, harmonics, slides and many more ways to fancy up your playing. LAPIDUS ON DULCIMER 2 also contains a self study program to teach you dulcimer music theory and how to translate regular music into dulcimer notation. If that wasn't enough, the book comes with a CD of over 46 minutes of recorded instruction, giving examples of every strum, pick,tuning and song. LAPIDUS ON DULCIMER 2: $40 + $4.50 shipping and handling. California residents also pay sales tax which is $4.25

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3 of my dulcimers, inlaid pegheads and a jellyfish soundhole adorn this cream colored T-Shirt. Comes in sizes small, medium and large and extra-large for $20. XXL is $25.

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Lapidus Dulcimers Art Poster
  • Lapidus Dulcimers Art Poster
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No room for 3 more dulcimers? Try this small 12"x18" dulcimer art poster on your wall and enjoy a feast of dulcimers, pegheads and soundholes. Featuring the Jellyfish Dulcimer, Pelican and Crying Seahorse Dulcimers.
Comes in a secure cardboard cylinder. Easy to frame or mount on foam board. $15 + $3.99 shipping.

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Single Dulcimer Peghead Coasters
  • Single Dulcimer Peghead Coasters


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Thank you for ordering single Dulcimer Peghead Coasters. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how you could make your selection through the Store Page. In order to choose your coasters, please send me an email through the: "CONTACT PAGE" on the website. Tell me the name and the numbers of the coasters you have chosen and how many of each coaster. I will send out your coasters as soon as I receive both the notification from Paypal and your selections. Thank you so much for your purchase. Joellen

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